So this week marks a new feature here at The Scrappy Housewife. I read so many awesome blogs each week (and I’m still behind! Yikes!) and want to spread the blog love. Which brings us to my new weekly feature:


Each week I will feature some of my favorite blogs, projects, and ideas from my blog roll. I’m tossing around the idea of having a theme each week for these but we’ll see how that goes.

This week, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite savings blogs. Since I became a housewife (read: we went from two incomes to one) I’ve been hyper-conscious about saving money – not because we’re desperate, but because I feel that if I can’t make any money, then it’s my job to save us money. In my quest to improve our savings and pay off and pay down debt, I’ve found the following blogs to be helpful (click on the blog name to go there):

Addicted to Saving – Liza gives daily information on couponing, awesome deals and ways to make money for your family. She saves upwards of 90% each week on groceries and no, she’s not one of those extreme couponers either.

I Gotta Coupon For That – More couponing insights, store sale/coupon match ups. This one appealed to me because most of the others don’t do match ups for our regional grocery stores here in MD.

The Happy Housewife – Oh so many good things here, not just couponing! Lots of things for home management, homeschooling (if you do that, I don’t even have kids – ha!), cooking, etc.

Southern Savers – Another couponing dynamo. If you want to live frugal in the south, you need to go here!

Coupon Divas – Another awesome site. I’m learning so much from this one – especially about CVS and how  to get things for FREE.

I really hope you like this new weekly feature. I’ve already got a list of cool projects from around blogland to share with you next week!

If you know of any great sites that fit with this weeks theme please leave me a comment below! I’m always eager to add to my daily reading. 🙂


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