Last weekend, The Hubs was gracious enough to schlep me 45 minutes south to the 12th Annual Lucketts Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store. Let me just tell you, if you live anywhere near Leesburg, Virginia – go. Go now actually. I can wait. It. Was. Awesome. 
This event is annual with many dealers from around the country, but The Old Lucketts Store is open and chock full of goodies every day! If you like anything that’s vintage, chic, or quirky you really need to make a trip. On top of the neat stuff in the store, it’s also “home” to a really talented (and gracious) blogger The Graphics Fairy aka Karen. I spoke with her briefly and basically gushed over how much I love her blog and all the cool vintage graphics she shares daily for FREE. Check her out here: The Graphics Fairy

For those of you that can’t make it to the store or the annual event, I took some pictures with my cell phone and thought I’d share some of the pure awesomeness (is that a word?). I will definitely be going back!

There were a ton of these. More than I would have expected. How cool would this be as decor in your sewing room?
There were also many vintage suitcases. This is just one specimen.
I *loved* these old hardware drawers. Wouldn’t they make neat planter boxes or a cool centerpiece filled with flowers or table supplies?
These chenille pumpkins were cute. I can’t imagine how much work went into these.
This was actually in the Old Lucketts Store. I am in love with the ruffles on this lampshade.
Another find in the store itself. This is a lamp shade made from pages from an antique book and some clips. Seriously? Srsly.
This was in the “bathroom” of the store. I loved that starburst clock.
Starburst clock detail. Gorg!
You can bet that once I have a larger kitchen, this will find it’s way into my home. How awesome would this make meal planning?

Here’s part of what I brought home: 
My vintage fabric! Love!

And lastly, presented without comment (no, I did not bring this home):


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