I meant to post this earlier in the week but the Head Cold of DEATH ™ had/has it’s grip on me and I have felt more like sleeping and slurping soup than writing anything. Sorry.

Anywho, now that I seem to be somewhat on the mend I wanted to share how I spent last Saturday afternoon with a bunch of awesome blogger ladies, small business owners and blog readers.

First of all, can I just tell you how wonderful it is to know that you’re not alone in navigating blog craziness? Don’t ever let anyone tell you blogging is easy kids. It isn’t. Incredibly rewarding? Yes. Quick and easy? No. So it’s nice when you get to sit down with a bunch of bloggers and commiserate. It goes something like this:

“Oh you blog at 3 AM too?”

“You aren’t on Twitter yet? You totally have to get on Twitter!” (So I did…check out @scrappyhsewife)

“Pass the Kale chips!”

Here are the ladies:

I’m in the yellow sweater on the right. I blame the Robitussin for looking so scrunchy. Yeah, that’s it, it was the Robitussin…

From left to right we have: Sarah, Lauren, Steffanie, Rachel, Michelle, Kimberly and Me! Down front is Jane. Not pictured: Toya (sorry Toya!)

I gotta tell ya, every time I read other bloggers accounts of their trips to blogger meet ups and blog conferences, I feel a little pang of sadness because I don’t get to go! So when Jane (from The Borrowed Abode) approached me about getting together I was thrilled.

We met at her favorite local coffee spot in Virginia and she doesn’t lie about how awesome the coffee is. Caffe Amouri is fantastic! And they were very accommodating to our large group. We laughed and talked for hours!

I would love it if you popped over to their respective corners of the bloggosphere and got to know them too:

We all know Jane from The Borrowed Abode right? If you don’t, you’re missing out! She primarily blogs about decorating rental spaces (and has saved my apartment from the blahs a time or two) and shares her passion for buying locally and ethically as well as her love of sewing. You can find her here:

Blog: The Borrowed Abode
Her Etsy Shop: Janery

Sarah, is incredibly funny, and is an inspiration to anyone who wants to be fit. I don’t lie. I am jealous of her dedication to fitness. Maybe some of that will rub off. 😉 You can find her here:

Blog: Sunny Side Up (That title fits her personality perfectly!)

Lauren is perhaps the busiest blogger I’ve ever met. She works a job job, she’s getting married, she’s going back to school and she blogs. That’s talent right there! She’s also incredibly nice. And she’ll tell you she has some social anxiety – but you’d never know it.

Blog: Laurenchanting

Steffanie is an amazing business blogger who makes and sells her own line of eco-friendly laundry detergent and soap. (A little birdy also mentioned she might have some alternatives to fabric softener soon!) How cool is that?

Website/blog: Old Town Suds
Etsy shop: Old Town Suds

Rachel is an amazing artist and blogger. She was brave enough to step out and follow her dream of being an artist. I totally respect that and after taking a look at her work (and getting lost in there for like 15 minutes oohing and ahhing) I think it was a wise decision.

Blog: Funnelcloud
Etsy Shop: Funnelcloud Studio

Kimberly can crochet like no one’s business. I’m jealous. Really. She’s also a busy mom and prolific Twitter user. (20,000 tweets and counting!) In her free time, she blogs too! I’m in awe.

Blog: Maher Family Grows

Michelle is a new blogger (go on, pass on some blog love and follow her already!) documenting the journey of owning her first home. She’s also a girl after my own heart – a little quirky, a lot funny, and uber-geek. And she likes it that way! Check her out!

Blog: Two Streets Over

And last, but by no means least Toya. Toya runs New Family Naturals, a line of healthy (and really quite tasty!) snacks. You can find them at Caffe Amouri as well as several other Virginia, West Virginia and Massachusetts shops and of course online. She is a delight to hang out with and I was bummed she had to leave early.

You can check out her blog and shop here: New Family Naturals

I had a blast meeting these ladies. We swapped stories, cracked jokes and talked the business of blogging and what we wanted to achieve. I left feeling like part of a wonderful group of local bloggers. I hope we can do it again soon!

Jane had a great idea. She challenged her readers to organize their own blogger/blog reader meet up where they are and I think that’s a fabulous idea! Let me know if you do!


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