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In case you missed it over on Facebook or Twitter – hubby and I have been pre-approved for a loan and are now on the hunt for a house! We’d appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers you could send us as we embark on this new (and somewhat stressful) journey. We know our house is out there – we just have to find it!

A couple of weeks ago I expressed my frustration with running out of things to blog about in this apartment. It’s a little crazy, but I think I’ve reached my organizing limit in this space. One of you had the brilliant idea of helping my readers with their own organizational dilemmas, and I love that thought!

Luckily, a dear Facebook follower, Lisa had already asked for my help with her kitchen storage dilemma and today is her day here on the blog.

Here’s her wish list:

– better canned goods storage
– the ability to store dry goods in better containers than the flimsy bags they come in
– cereal storage
– maximize the space in the bottom cabinets so things don’t get lost in the back

Let’s take a look at her kitchen shall we?

While she may have organizational woes, the good news is that she has this large bank of cabinets on the top (10.75″ in deep and approximately 9 feet in length!) and a matching set on the bottom that’s slightly deeper at 21″.

I asked her what her biggest challenge was and she responded that storing canned goods was an issue, so we’ll focus on this upper set of cabinets first.

She’s already gotten off to a good start by purchasing the tiered can organizer she’s using for her spices. I use one of them in my own kitchen, so I know how pricey those can be.

I’d like to see her expand on that by using sections of 4 x 4 and 2 x 4 boards. Lisa can customize the length of the sections to fit her long bottom shelf since there are no dividers inside the cabinets – it’s just one long shelf. These will create the same tiered effect, but at a total cost of $9.64 plus tax for 8 to 10 feet of length it’s far more affordable. To make these a little more clean up friendly, I recommend cutting (or having them cut) into sections that will fit in the cabinet openings and then painting them with a semi-gloss or high gloss white paint. The glossy surface will be easily wipeable once dry. Installing them is easy – no nails or adhesive required! Just slide in the 4 x 4 section first and then slip the 2 x 4 section in front and right up against the 4 x 4 in the back.

Now let’s consider her dry goods. I love these Sterilite containers from Wal-Mart. They seal tight keeping moisture and critters out. I use them in my own kitchen to store rice and pasta. They vary in size so they could be used to store a variety of dried beans and grains as well.


Since the bottom shelf is dedicated to canned goods and other jarred items, the second and third shelves could house these containers.

These inexpensive plastic shoe boxes from Target (a set of 5 for $5.99!) will corral smaller items such as gravy mix and sauce packets and leftover condiments from take out night. They should also hold 5 pound bags of sugar and flour easily.


To maximize the space in the bottom set of cabinets, I recommend these wire slide out baskets from Bed, Bath and Beyond.


They turn deep cabinets (really…who thought super deep cabinets were a good idea?) into drawer units and ensure nothing gets lost way in the back. As a bonus, it also affords a shelf space that can be used to store bowls or small appliances. I have one in my own kitchen! These are also great because they don’t need to be mounted inside the cabinets. You just assemble and slide them in! Perfect for Lisa who is renting and can’t alter the inside of the cabinets.

Well Lisa, I hope this helped some. I hope you’ll check in and share some of the changes you make over time. We’d all love to see it!

Got an idea for Lisa’s kitchen that I haven’t offered? Leave a comment below!


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