Alright, disclaimer time here, I count Steffanie as a friend, but I can honestly tell you that I love the fact that Old Town Suds focuses on getting harsh chemicals and cleaning agents out of our homes.

As an asthmatic, I’ve grown very conscious of what I’m breathing. And with a 5 lb chihuahua running around the house who loves to eat and lick anything he can get his paws on, I worry. Steffanie has been very helpful in both of these respects. I do not lie when I say that she taught me how to clean my stove without using the self-cleaning feature or harsh chemicals and recently she had an entire blog series on what cleaning products you shouldn’t be using because they are harmful to pets!

She and her awesome husband Joel make eco-friendly soap, laundry detergent and household cleanser.

If I’m completely honest, their bath bombs are on my stocking stuffer list this Christmas. 😉

Most weekends you can find them at one community market or another, like the West End Farmers Market in Alexandria, Virginia.

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