Hey y’all! You can think of today’s post as a public service announcement.

In case you haven’t heard, in two weeks, Google is getting rid of their very popular Google Reader and Google Friend Connect. Y’all, I’m heartbroken. I love that reader. And I know a bunch of you do too! The extra sad thing is that if you use Google Reader/Google Friend Connect to follow my blog or your other favorite blogs, you won’t be able to as of July 1. All of your favorite blogs will still be alive and well, but you won’t see updates in a reader format!

All is not lost, however! There are other options. Luckily, Sarah at Sarah SaturDIY shared alternatives to Google Reader/GFC and she explains it way better than I could have.

You can catch her post HERE.

Remember, if you want to continue to follow all of your favorite blogs, you’ll need to choose a new reader and make the switch. I’d hate to lose any of you!


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