Hey y’all! A few of you said you might want reviews of the freezer cooking recipes we’re trying and I’m more than happy to oblige.

We tried our first one last week and I’m happy to report it was fantastic!

The Hearty Beef Stew recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff is pretty much everything you want in a good beef stew. The beef gets nice and tender; it melts in your mouth really. The stew base is nice and thick and perfect for dipping bread or crackers into. And y’all, it makes a ton! For hubby and I, it made a good two full meals. Obviously if you have a bigger family you’ll need to keep that in mind. I would say it feeds four comfortably. 
Now, if I’m being honest, and y’all know I am, my only pet peeve is that in the recipe, it states to slice the carrots. Hubby fired up our new KitchenAid food processor attachment and sliced up thin slices of carrot to dump in the bag along with the other ingredients. Well, once we had it all together we were both a little skeptical about how thin the carrots looked. (Truth: Hubby had used the really thin attachment by mistake so it was partly our fault…oops?) So I grabbed the recipe and realized that the girls at Six Sisters’ Stuff had nice big chunks of carrot and not thin slices. They had chopped the carrots, not sliced them. If you’re a new cook that could easily confuse you. Heck, we’re pretty good at cooking, and it was confusing to us. Just something to keep in mind if you try the recipe. Also? Always take a look at the picture included. It’ll give you a good idea of what something should look like.
For the record though, the thin slices didn’t ruin anything. It still tasted great! Next time we’ll know to make nice chunks. 
Another tip: I didn’t include the potatoes in the freezer bag. Why? Potatoes can change texture or turn black when frozen. Freezing raw potatoes can make them kind of mealy when they’re cooked. Nothing major, but I didn’t mind chopping up a couple of potatoes and throwing them in with the thawed bag of ingredients once I was ready to cook it. 
You can find their awesome recipe by clicking here. I can guarantee you won’t regret it! 

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