Easily Organize your Cookbooks

Hey y’all! This week I’ve been doing some quick organizing projects around here. (I should be catching up on laundry, but…well this is more fun. 😉 )

First up was to pull all of my cookbooks down from the home office bookshelves and put them on our now empty shelving on the kitchen island. Luckily when we redid our pantry with the Elfa system, I no longer needed to store bowls and serving platters on the island. It gave me some room to finally get my massive cookbook collection in the kitchen. You know, where it makes sense to store them.

I didn’t just want to plop them on the shelves and call it a day though. I wanted to sort them into categories so I could find what I was looking for more easily – and make it easier on Adam to find what he needs as well. Check it out:

Organizing cookbooks close up

It was ridiculously simple. I just ran to Lowes and begged asked the paint guy nicely if I could please have a dozen paint sticks for a project. Then I brought them home, gave them a coat of Martha Stewart craft paint in the shade Pool, and then used a black paint pen to write the categories on the end of each stick. Seriously, it couldn’t be more simple!

And here’s the end result:

organizing cookbooks


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