Y’all, I had planned on writing out a big, long post and get everything just perfect before sharing the before and after of my pantry with you, but I just can’t stand to wait any longer. No, it’s not exactly the way I want it yet, and I haven’t labeled anything but oh my! Check it out.

Pantry before

I honestly thought my system was pretty darn good. I loved all of those labeled baskets and the pantry itself was so big and roomy! So much better than the tiny, black hole we had in the apartment. Everything had a place. We could find what we needed. But…

Well, the more we used it, the more we knew that we wanted something more custom. Those big wide shelves were OK, but you couldn’t adjust them so tall things like bottles of oil and vinegar which I buy in bulk were kind of a pain to get out. And those baskets? Well, they ate up a lot of space in between each other. They were fine, but I knew this space could be so much more; could hold so much more.

So we planned. And saved. And then went to The Container Store. The process was so seamless. We told our Elfa designer, Beth, what we needed to store, the size of our current pantry and what we’d like to get out of it in the future. We wanted room to grow.


elfa pantry system


Y’all, that is filled with the entire contents of my old pantry system plus two full cabinets of stuff! And we have a TON of space left over. I was floored!

What do you think?

I will be back for a more in depth look at the solutions we chose and to talk about installation. I seriously could not contain my excitement one more minute and just had to share it with you.




    • Christina Reply

      It’s kind of embarrassing how much space there is in there. It’s the Narnia of pantries!

  1. It’s gorgous! I love that you have a solid shelf strong enough to support appliances in addition to all the storage. So, what did you do with all the lovely storage baskets from your previous pantry?

    • Christina Reply

      Thanks Susan! The shelf was our designer’s idea. It doubles as the top of the drawer units. I *love* having all of our small appliances within easy reach. I’m short! As for the baskets, they went back in the storage closet with the rest of my teaching supplies! I use them to level books when I teach.

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  4. I seriously love this! Our pantry is about half the size, but I am hoping to do the same thing. I can’t a post where you went into detail, do you have a link?

    Great work,

    Another short Christina

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