simple gift wrap storage ideas

When Adam and I were at The Container Store picking up our Elfa pantry system I noticed a nifty little gadget to corral the loose edges of rolls of wrapping paper. Spoiler alert! They were basically slap bracelets from 1990, only $5.99 for three. Basically you just snapped them around the roll and voila, wrap contained.  Definitely cool, but not worth that price to me.

NeatRoll Fastener
Click image to see them on The Container Store site

So, as I’ve been cleaning and organizing my craft room I’ve been thinking about how I could keep our stash of gift wrap from unraveling without having to buy slap bracelets. Though, you can actually still buy them on the cheap.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I came across a stash of elastic I got in a Pick Your Plum grab box a few years ago and I knew exactly what to do!

gift wrap elastic tie close up

I had a ton of this elastic and I could only make so many hair bands. But the same technique (you can find a nice tutorial here) made fantastic roll keepers for my wrapping paper. And they were free to me! Score!

I used one elastic on each end of the wrapping paper. Worked so well I even used it for my rolls of vinyl, Contac paper, and shelf liner too. Then I just tossed the rolls back into the One Spot trash can I bought at Target when we moved in and it was done. I’m so pleased with it, that I’m looking for new things to use the elastics on!




    • Christina Reply

      Thanks Susan! I must say I thought of you while working on it. 🙂

  1. I think I have some elastic laying around. Can’t wait to finally win the battle with those rolls of wrapping paper. Congrats, you’re featured this week on Simple Organization Ideas – The Best of the Best at Organized 31.

  2. 3LittleBirds Reply

    Really cute idea! I am definitely going to look for a nice cheap trash can to store my wrapping paper rolls in. Love the elastic idea! Right now I am using toilet paper rolls cut down the middle (long ways) to hold my wrapping paper in place on the roll, which works great on the smaller rolls, but isn’t big enough for the larger ones, so your elastic idea is a big help!

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