I have been compensated by Minted.com with shop credit in exchange for this post, but all opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine. 

minted collage use this one


You guys! I’m so excited! Minted.com approached me earlier this week and asked if I would like some shop credit to spend however I wish. I couldn’t jump at the chance fast enough. I really wanted some nice art (click for their collection of limited edition art) for our guest bathroom reno (that I swear I’m almost done with…) but it wasn’t really in the budget. I knew right away that that’s what I would spend my credit on. There’s only one small problem – I can’t decide what to get. Would you guys mind helping me out with that?

First, let’s talk about what colors I’m putting in the guest bath. You can see them below.

bathroom color swatches

I was inspired by this paper collection from Basic Grey last year and just knew I had to use these colors to do the bathroom.

basic grey persimmon
Basic Grey Persimmon / Scrapbook.com


Now let’s take a look at my selections. (And y’all, it was really hard to narrow down – they had a lot of really nice art prints.) You can click the link below each selection to get a better look.

The Fountain / Morgan Ramberg

OK this one is just so whimsical I couldn’t resist. I love the fountain, I love the people and I love the pops of yellow, even though that color isn’t in my original color scheme.

apertures no 2 genna cowsert
Apertures No. 2 / Genna Cowsert

I love how graphic this one is and I’m a sucker for hexagons these days. I also thought that it worked in additional colors nicely.

in a row annie clark spring
In A Row / Annie Clark

If I’m completely honest, I fell in love with this one when I saw it the first time. To me, it pulls in a lot of the colors I want, and it’s got the graphic design quality that I think I’m looking for.

gesture coral
Gesture / Kelly Ventura

This one is just so stunning. I’m a sucker for watercolors and this definitely checks that box. I love how the corals, pinks and blues work together. Definitely a contender.


winterwaves karen kaul frozen seafoam
Winter Waves / Karen Kaul

OK now this one…this one. Y’all I’m a Florida girl stuck here in the north with snow and ice. I miss the beach and my flip flops! Maybe it’s because we got another 10″ of snow this week, but when I saw the waves it definitely filled a hole in my soul just a little bit.

love you more
Canned Love / Wendy McClure

This one has special meaning to me. Every morning when Adam gets ready to leave for work, he comes and wakes me up with a hug and a kiss and we exchange “I love yous”. Somewhere along the line, it changed to “I love you…I love you more” so this would definitely fit. It’s such an “us” thing.

color grid erin deegan 2
Color Grid / Erin Deegan

Again, this has that graphic feel going on and the colors are pretty spot on for what I was looking for.

Love crest
Love Crest / Monica Tuazon

If I’m honest, this one was a last minute addition. It doesn’t really fit the theme or the color scheme, but I love the sentiment, I love the arrows…it was hard not to add it to the list.

So…tell me, which one would you choose? Help a girl out by leaving your choice in the comments section below. You can pick using the letters in the collage below:

minted collage choices use this one



    • Christina Reply

      It *is* refreshing! That’s a great way to describe it. Thanks Dana.

  1. i like A and C. Good use of your colors and simple but provides visual interest.

    • Christina Reply

      It really is hard to choose! I think I lean toward one and then change my mind! Thanks Becky.

  2. C. Without even reading your comment about it, I felt this one best represented your love if all things mod. 🙂

  3. i personally LOVE: B, C, and D. Those were playful and very appealing to the eye. They’re not boring and tell a story 🙂

    • Christina Reply

      Thanks Melissa 🙂 I love how playful they are too. So hard to choose!

  4. E is my first choice, by far and then A and D. I can’t wait to see which you choose.

    • Christina Reply

      It really is hard! Thanks for your thoughts Susan

  5. I really love that watercolor, but I think the tin cans are cute and whimsical, too. Good luck choosing! 🙂

    • Christina Reply

      Thanks Nicole! I love them all. It’s going to be difficult.

  6. I really like A & C but D is my fave. Also think you should get F for your bedroom or living room gallery wall. 🙂

    • Christina Reply

      I had not considered that one for a different room but that’s a great idea! Thanks Eva 🙂

  7. I love the colors, and your taste is perfection!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link party each week!
    Have a great day!

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