If you’ve been following me on Facebook at all this week, then you know that I’ve had the magic touch for the last two days. 😉 It started by me further damaging our back door (that’s now been fixed) and yesterday, I threw in a load of laundry only to find our washer horribly broken.

Given that the washer is probably original to the house (12 – 16 years old, if not just a bit younger at around 10 years old) we decided to buy a new one. The washer and dryer were left by the previous owner and well, we’ve established how clean she was. I scrubbed those suckers clean prior to using them. Trust me…

Anyway, “let’s buy a new washer” turned into, “Honey, I have a plan…” by the time The Hubs got home from work. My “plan” consisted of “Hey, honey, let’s give the laundry closet a new look AND buy a new washer AND dryer!” So off we went to shop for a new W/D, paint, and lighting. Did I just say lighting? Yes, yes I did. I’m crazy, is what I’m saying.

Since I’m about to embark on this I thought I’d snap some quick pictures with my baby camera (mainly because I can’t find the battery charger for my big girl one) and without even editing (oooo! rogue blogger!) give you a sort of real time idea of what I’m dealing with and what I have to accomplish before Saturday when the new appliances will be delivered.

Here’s our laundry room closet:

The old washer and dryer. Sitting in a corner of our basement waiting for haul away.

Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Replace the bare bulb light fixture.
  • Clean the floor and give the space a good dusting/cleaning out.
  • Paint the walls and add an accent.
  • Create artwork.
  • Make organization functional and pretty.
  • Re-decorate glass storage jars.

Wish me luck! We were saving up for a basement make over, but it’ll have to wait. Though, since this “room” is in the basement, I guess it kind of counts, right?


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