Hopefully by now you’ve got quite a collection of store club cards on your key ring. I hope you took a look at the pamphlet that came with it! Many stores offer special perks for being in their shoppers club.

Some of my local stores offer the following in addition to special club pricing and coupons by mail:

  • Free gas (Many of our local stores offer cents off per gallon at the gas station. You earn by shopping! Bank enough points or cents off and your gas could be free.)
  • Free groceries (The same store that offers gas points as a reward, offers a percent off of your grocery bill for filling up your car at their gas station. Right now I have 14% off my next trip to the grocery store!)
  • Free or steeply discounted holiday dinners 
So check to see if your local store offers extra perks for being a shoppers club member. It might be more than you expect!

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