Raise your hand if you love Costco. OK, now Sam’s Club. What about BJ’s? OK, now tell me – do you know if that hefty membership fee you pay yearly is made up for in your savings by shopping there? 
We had a Sam’s Club membership for several years, but what I didn’t realize at the time was that by using high value coupons or coupons that double on smaller packages saves me more money. 

Wholesale clubs were designed for, well, wholesale. Do you run a restaurant? I don’t.

Now, I’ll fully admit that not shopping at these gigantic stores is a personal choice. But I’d like you to take a moment and answer the following questions before you hop in the car and head out to Costco:

  1. Do you make your membership back in savings over the course of the year membership? If you aren’t actively shopping there, probably not. Remember, you’re basically paying for the priviledge of possibly saving some money. If you’re not breaking even on that investment, then it’s not a good investment.
  2. Do the math. Is your unit price cheaper buying huge packages (without a sale price or coupons, they don’t accept them) at a warehouse club or when you buy smaller packages on sale, with a coupon, at your regular grocery store? Generally, the better deal is waiting for a sale on smaller packages at your regular grocery store and combining that sale with coupons. There are exceptions to every rule though, so make sure you do the math and find out before you shell out your hard earned cash.
  3. Are you actually using those larger packages up before they expire or go bad? If you’re throwing product away, you’re tossing wasted money in the trash. 
Your job as a sensible saver is to educate yourself and make sure you’re not spending money you don’t have to spend. Your mileage may vary with your wholesale club, but take a moment to evaluate what it’s actually saving you. You might be surprised. 

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