Simple Goals June

Ya ever just have a week (or two) where you’re so busy with life that things are kind of trucking along and you have no real concept of time? Yeah, that’s what happened to me. The good news is that I have a lot to share with you – fun stuff! Useful stuff! The bad news? I’m behind around here. 😉 Ah it never ends. Oh well.

Let’s get back on track. If you recall at the beginning of the year I was giving up resolutions and instead setting easy goals for myself each month. It’s honestly worked quite well, even if I missed posting here about it while I was rebuilding the site. This month, I realized that we needed to look back and see what isn’t completely done. Life happens, ya know? Nothing wrong with taking some time to finish up a few things before setting new goals.

So, that’s what this month is about. I took a good, hard look around the house and made a list of all of the “in progress” items and set a goal to get as many done as we could.

Here’s our list:


– paint windows and retrim
– paint doors and trim
– finish up built ins (caulking, paint, organization, fabric panels – sadly this isn’t 100% done even after a YEAR…)
– curtains (all rooms – some are make, some are hem)

Living/Dining Room:

– paint
– put together new furniture (sofa table and new dining storage)
– move old shelving to new homes
have new lighting installed DONE
– buy and install new door to powder room
– move thermostat


Pantry – demo, patch, paint and install DONE
Command wall – patch, paint and hang DONE

Master Bedroom and Bathroom:

– touch up paint
– paint trim
– install curtain rod and hang curtains (hem as needed)
– caulk tub and shower
– finish curtains in bathroom
patch wall in closet DONE

Upstairs Guest Bath:

– flooring
– make shower curtain
– artwork
– recaulk tub
– install shower rod

Home Office: 

– Clean out filing cabinet
– finish up cloffice (this is almost done, just some hanging and organizing stuff)
– shredding

Craft Room:

– hang Elfa storage and organize

Seems like a lot, right? Well it probably is, but we’re finding that having it all down in a list and doing things when we’re able is kind of motivating. We know that we probably won’t get everything done, but it’s helped us stay focused – especially on weekends. Wish us luck, would ya?


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