Well, I still haven’t had time for crafting (something I’m entirely not happy about…can a girl just get a little “me” time? geez…), but I did have time to take some pictures of something I do when I clean out my fridge.

I learned this trick from a friend’s mom (via the friend) for checking eggs to see if they’re still good. Eggs are often good beyond their expiration date, but you have to be careful about using them. Here’s what you can do to check:

1. Grab a big bowl and fill it with water.

2. GENTLY drop your eggs in the bowl.

If the eggs sink and lay on their side, they’re good, fresh eggs you can use freely. (Bad blogger, I didn’t get a picture of this.)

If the eggs sink, but stand on end, you need to use them very soon because they’re still usable (i.e. – won’t make you sick) but on their way out.

See how it’s standing up on end? Still good, but I need to use it soon.

If they float, chuck ’em. The sooner the better. They are no longer good and will make you sick.

Bobbing to the top? It’s time to egg-xit stage right! 😉 Yes, I know that’s a lot of eggs gone bad. Overstocked…I won’t make that mistake again!


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