OK so since joining Pinterest I have been pinning like a crazy person. If you follow me you know this. If not, well why are you still sitting here? Follow the link to the right to find me! 😉

A couple of housekeeping notes to start:

1. I have done my very best to find the original link for each picture. If for some reason there is an error or due credit isn’t given, please, PLEASE kindly let me know.
2. If the link is directly to your blog – i.e. it is your original work – and you would rather I not post it, please let me know and the picture will be removed.

Anywho, it gives me far too much inspiration. I cannot wait until we have a house so I can start doing some of the heavier duty projects, so for now I just thought each Sunday I would share some of my favorites. This week we’ll be focusing on repurposing bookshelves in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look shall we?

First up, I just love this in the bathroom. Great elegant storage!


This was a bookcase and a table stuck together!


OK, so this isn’t exactly a repurposed bookcase so much as it’s repurposed stairs. The reader in me swooned when I saw this! (The source link below goes to the original blog post it is found in, but it links directly to the architect who designed it.)


There’s your Pinspiration for the week. I hope you enjoyed. You can find more bookshelf ideas over on my Pinterest board. Check it out!

What neat things have you found on Pinterest lately?


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