Well it’s a new year and yes, you read that correctly, it’s already time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day crafts. Before I share with you the pins, I wanted to review the rules for our little Sunday theme.

1. I have done my very best to find the original link for each picture. If for some reason there is an error or due credit isn’t given, please, PLEASE kindly let me know.
2. If the link is directly to your blog – i.e. it is your original work – and you would rather I not post it, please let me know and the picture will be removed.

3. If you like any of these and want to add them to your own Pinterest boards, please click the source link and pin from there to ensure proper credit.

Remember – ALWAYS Pin Responsibly (Have you taken the pledge?)

Here are the goodies:

Definitely doing this for The Hubs (hopefully he’s not reading this!)

Um, can I get a shirt that says. “Kiss me I’m crafty”?

The little mask kills me.

This would be fantastic for all those little broken pieces of crayon!

I am definitely doing this. If I can just get up the nerve to grab that many paint chips. I always feel kind of guilty about that!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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