A few weeks ago, hubby and I made the short trek to Pennsylvania for his family reunion. I absolutely adore all of his aunts. So much so, that I wanted to share an exchange I had with his Aunt Margaret.

She sat sewing in the shade (hand sewing tiny little stitches onto a piece of clothing…I only wish my stitches were that refined) and as I sat down she asked how we were doing. I said we were doing well, and that I was keeping very busy with our new house. Here’s how it went:

Me: Oh we’re fine, we bought a house, so that’s been keeping us busy. And Adam is working longer hours now that he commutes an hour to work. So he gets up really early and heads off to work…

Aunt Margaret: And then you get up and head to work.

Me: Oh, no, no I don’t work anymore…

Aunt Margaret: Yes, you do! Anyone who thinks a housewife doesn’t work needs their head examined! 

See why I love these women? I love that I can sit next to them and talk about day to day home keeping, sewing, cooking, and gardening without feeling like I have six heads. No offense to the women of my generation, but you wouldn’t believe how many pity looks I get when I mention that I stay at home. Or how many times I get asked, “When are you going back to work?” as if I’m on some extended vacation. I admire women who work, and manage a family, and manage to raise children. There’s nothing wrong with that. So why, then, am I seen as a freak of nature for wanting to stay at home? Ah well, I’ve just learned to take it in stride, even if some days I feel like telling the nay-sayers to have their head examined. 😉



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