A few days ago, Katie from Gadanke.com posted a link to how she and her hubby Martin went paperless in their kitchen and it hit me that we’ve made some changes in our kitchen too – but we’ve yet to go paper towel-less. What a great way to cut back further on our budget! 

Here’s what we’ve done so far:
For general cleaning, dusting and shining up glass I use these – Evercare Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. I use the thick, green ones for dusting, the yellow one for glass, the pink one for furniture polishing and I use the blue one for bathrooms. I love that they’re color coded and that they clean so thoroughly. Because of them, I no longer use paper towels to clean.

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Next up we have the Tekla towel from Ikea. It’s basically just a flour sack type towel but they are amazingly well made and really, really inexpensive – only 79 CENTS each. They are by far my favorite towel. We use these primarily in the kitchen to wipe hands, wipe up messes, and dry clean dishes. We’re getting better about using these over paper towels. I’m far easier to convince than the Hubs. 😉 The best part is that I’ve amassed quite the collection and now as one gets stained I just toss it in with my other cleaning rags instead of keeping it out on the towel bar for company to see. After four years of using them, I’ve only just now started to see little worn spots on the first few I bought!

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Another version of the Tekla towel is the Elly dish towel. These are a little more decorative, and a bit more expensive at $3.99 for four. I don’t use these for the messiest messes, but they’re great for hands and clean dishes. They too wash up incredibly well!

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What about you? Are you paperless in the kitchen or are you clutching tightly to your roll of Bounty? Do you have a great paperless product you use instead? Share it with me in the comments below!


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