Six Sisters Stuff French Dip Sandwiches

Y’all, I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one. These were Adam’s words exactly,

“We should really do this more often.”

This is from a man who LOVES his Steak’ems. Huge endorsement from him. For reals.

While I like the flavor of his beloved Steak’ems, they probably aren’t the healthiest thing to be shoving down our gullet, which is why I love this recipe from Six Sisters. They couldn’t be easier to make (um slow cooker anyone?) and you can literally pair them with anything! We’ve done chips, potato salad (his mom’s recipe – I’ll share that on the blog soon), regular green salad or a steamed veggie. So easy!

And best of all, it’s all real, identifiable ingredients! No weird processed, flattened meat something.

You can find their recipe here: 8 Slow Cooker Freezer Meals: Make 8 Meals in One Hour!

Since it’s just the two of us around here, we did split the recipe in two, which was great because we got two meals out of one recipe (BIG money saver!). And I could not find beef consomme anywhere so I just used beef stock instead and it worked fine.

Also, the second time we tried it I added a little more salt and pepper, and a little McCormick Garlic and Onion seasoning (I just shook it all over the top liberally). It just bumped up the flavor a notch.

Seriously, run, do not walk for this one. You will love it. It’s a definite must have on our next freezer cooking day!


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