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So, last month, I wrote a post declaring that “I Quit” trying to keep up with the blogging world and just start doing whatever the heck I pleased around here. I’m just tired of worrying about numbers, and photographic perfection and keeping up with the Jones’. But what does that mean for the blog, exactly?

Here’s what I’m hoping to do more of:

  • Writing (what a novel idea!) – No really, I get so nervous about what I write here. Perfectionism and anxiety battle it out all the time on this one. I want to focus more on what I’m writing about and not worry about how it compares to other bloggers
  • Simple ideas – Sometimes I have quick ideas that I want to share, but think they won’t be “enough”. No more! I’m going to share those ideas!
  • Share the spotlight with small businesses and causes I love
  • Expand my focus on well-being and mental health advocacy
  • Share more of what I truly love (cooking, books, scrapping and crafting, gardening, thoughts on life and what’s going on around here) instead of what’s “trendy” or what everyone else is doing

Giving up on that constant stress and worry isn’t about giving up on the blog or being a blogger. I’ll still try for the occasional sponsored post, but they’ll have to be a good fit and not just for a paycheck. At some point, I’ll probably even add sponsors or ads. I’ll still be working on growing my Virtual Assisting business. I want to make this my job, but I don’t want it to be about making money. At that point, it would just be like any corporate job. And I was not cut out to be corporate. 😉

I just want to have fun again! I want to focus on writing and engaging with you, my readers. That’s the important bit. I seemed to forget that somewhere along the way.  I was so focused on “being a blogger” that I forgot to actually blog.

I hope you’ll join me as we grow together.


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