The simple answer to that would be that I got married, but really, it’s not that simple.

In July, I married the man I have loved since I was 19. (I’m 31 now, so you can begin recommending me for sainthood at any time… 😉 ) Within a month, I lost my job and had no prospects of finding a new one. I’m a teacher, so losing a job 2 weeks before you’re supposed to return to one doesn’t really afford you the opportunity to teach somewhere else that year. I am truly blessed that I can work if I want to and we can afford to have me at home, but it is definitely new territory for me and it has not been easy.

So, that’s why I’m “accidental”. I didn’t just fall into being a housewife, but it’s definitely the life I didn’t “plan”. Up until now, I had worked full time and fit in the housework and errands when I could. I was constantly overwhelmed and a little burned out.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I’m pretty sure I should be using this experience to learn something about balance and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m hoping this blog will be an outlet for my challenges and struggles as I learn to be a great housewife and make it my full time job.

I’m sure that up in heaven my mother is laughing at me…I wish I could hear it. 😉


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