So after my “update” last week a couple of you left encouraging words and for that I can’t thank you enough. One stuck out:

“I hope the festivities of the holiday helped. I know things like that can help me stop for a moment and take a breath. A few things you can do is make a list of everything you haven’t gotten done and play the “what is the worst that can happen” game. Puts things into perspective. Then make a list of all your blessings, including your favorite physical and personal traits. Maybe even have your husband make one too and share together. Hopefully this can give you the little boost you need.”

Haley, you are brilliant! I love this idea. If you get or have a blog, girl let me know and I’ll feature you. What a simple way to gain some perspective and remind yourself of all the good things! I’m going to do this! I might even share it with y’all. 

The best part for me is the “What is the worst that can happen?” game. I always have a list, but I never look at it from that perspective. 

And to answer you, yes, the holiday weekend helped some. I even got brave and delegated some of the work (trust me when I say it is super hard for me to delegate – am I alone in that?) to The Hubs and thanks to him, I feel back in control of the chore list. He was so awesome to take on more of the chores on his holiday weekend. 

And to anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed…you are not alone, and you helped me remember that I’m not either. We may not be Stepford Wives, but we’re darn good ones!



  1. I am only glad I could help! Life can be a tattered mess but at the bottom of it all is something wonderful.

    I do not have a blog and if I did it would have to be called something like “The Distracted Blogger”. I have commitment issues with the written word. Not to mention how long it is taking me to finish my curtains!

    Take care!

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