I was enjoying my pumpkin spice coffee and thought I’d spend a few minutes sharing some time with y’all this morning.

We survived Irene and were actually really lucky. We just had some wind and rain. We’re pretty far inland though and realize that not everyone in our state and the states around us were so lucky. Our prayers are definitely with everyone effected by the storm.

As a matter of fact, the only injury we had this weekend was when The Hubs sliced the tip of his finger off using the mandolin slicer. Thank heavens we both have first aid training, it was a little gruesome. I still think we should’ve gone to urgent care, but he’s a guy. 😉 Thankfully today it’s looking much better.

So now he’s off to work and I took a couple of days off from tutoring to get a few things done now that my students are back in school as of today. I’ll resume tutoring Wednesday.

I tell ya,  this house is a mess. And it’s not from a lack of cleaning on my part. I know I’ve mentioned before that we’ve outgrown the place, but it really is apparent. We still aren’t 100% sure where my husband’s next project will be so we can’t move just yet. It’s kind of depressing really. I want so badly to make our home a haven, but we can’t really do that when I need to store extra food out on the very limited counter space and we have books overflowing everywhere and my craft space looks like a bomb went off. And folks, I’ve purged. No really, I’ve purged a lot. We’re down to things we actually use. I give huge donations to Goodwill twice a year. I guess I’m just feeling really frustrated by it all. Sorry for rambling.

OH! Guess what? They are opening a huge new Goodwill store literally 2 minutes from my house. This will have two effects:

1. It will make donating easier.
2. I may or may not finally go more often and find good stuff. 😉

One more thing, if you aren’t already a fan of The Scrappy Housewife on Facebook, you might want to be. There may or may not be a giveaway planned for this week. Just sayin’.

Happy Monday Y’all!



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