Last Saturday, I shared with you my Pinterest board that houses some of my favorite online handmade shops around the web. You can check out that post here and follow the board on Pinterest here.

Here’s the thing about that post and this week full of small businesses. No one pays to get on this list. I take some time to grab links from my favorites and ask my readers to submit links to their online shops as well. I don’t get paid to do this. And I’m not compensated with free product either. So why bother? Because small businesses, and handmade businesses deserve a moment of our time. In this Wal-Mart world where everything is “made in China” and mass produced the little guy tends to get pushed to the background. Remember that when you shop local, shop small and shop handmade you are helping to put dinner on the table of your neighbors and encouraging craftsmen and women around the country to continue to do what they really love. That seems worth it to me!

Let’s get started shall we?

Today, we have in our spotlight one of the most darling Etsy shops I’ve come across, Milo and Ben, crafted and run by Melissa Lowry.

Here are some of my favorites from her shop:

That tiny hat!

This little guy is just too adorable for words.

This is a super affordable Christmas card option!

Can you believe she makes those by hand? Seriously guys. I was blown away. So much talent! For more information about Melissa and her process (which is seriously just so much talent…I can’t say that enough) click here.


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