Hey y’all! It’s time for our last small business post of the week. Frankly, I can’t believe I blogged for an entire week straight. Kinda crazy, but I feel awesome! Enough about that though, let’s get down to business.
Y’all know I love an organized space right? Right. That’s no secret. And you know I love my binders. Like love. It’s kind of a sickness (an awesome sickness). Anywho, today’s shop speaks right to my very organizing soul. Our focus today is on Start Organizing, run by Nicole Lee. She’s a girl after my own heart,
I have a forgetful brain, so I like to have everything written down. That’s why I create printables.” 

Um, I can totally relate Nicole, really

Let’s check out what she offers.

Yes, I know it’s Dec. 8th, but it’s not too late to plan! Really!

Recipe binders make a fantastic family gift for Christmas.

These days, I’m such a calendar/planner girl. And I love the bright colors!

To see more of what Nicole provides to get your more organized, check out her shop here.

To read more about her and get to know her shop click here for her shop’s “about” page.
One last thought about our Shop Small Business Week. Remember that your town, where ever that may be, has a ton of small, local shops and restaurants to frequent. Give them a little love this holiday season too! Yes, I know we’ll all probably end up at the mall at some point, but do what you can to support your neighbors. They’ll thank you for it!


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