OK, I’m not going to lie to you. I was one of those crazy people out at midnight on Black Friday. (I will say though, we hit two stores and headed home. It was crazy.) I love to shop. Even on Black Friday. Now that you know I’m mildly crazy let me share something else.

I would rather have something handmade or support small local businesses than go to Wal-mart. Nothing against them of course, I do shop there when necessary. But what I mean is, I like sourcing small businesses because generally, I know what I’m getting. I know the time and effort put in to make something. I know the ingredients. I can feel the passion of the creator in the item.

Last Saturday was Small Business Saturday. I was out shopping with a friend for her wedding gown and was pleased when she found one at a local shop in Virginia. She celebrated Small Business Saturday by purchasing her dress *at* a small business! (And it was a major purchase let me tell you!) They even gave her a discount!

Today is Cyber Monday and to celebrate and highlight some of my favorite shops online, I thought I’d present a list of some of my faves with links! Some even have special sales going on right now! The best part is that if you make a purchase, you’re doing two (sometimes three!) things at once – supporting small businesses, celebrating Cyber Monday and in some cases even supporting charities sponsored by the vendors! How cool is that?

Check it out:

1. Janery – Jane @ The Borrowed Abode runs this Etsy.com shop. She has some fun, amazing things! A portion of her proceeds goes to a local charity as well. Here’s a favorite of mine from her shop:

2. Gadanke – You all know my love for these journals! She’s offering free shipping world wide on Christmas journals today until midnight! CRAZY! Just enter code HOHOHO at checkout!

3. ReeReeBee (My best friend EVAR!) – I might be biased because she’s my bestie, but I couldn’t advertise for others without including her Etsy site too! Check out the cute dish liquid apron!

4. Luv Boopa – Last up (but CERTAINLY not least) is Jennifer at Luv Boopa! She makes many amazing things, most of which are custom. The coolest thing about her shop though, is that she craft matches. When certain items are ordered, another one is given to those in need. I love this idea. Please check it out!

I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed your family and friends. I know I did. Please give these ladies some consideration when purchasing Christmas gifts. When you support small, local businesses in your area and online, you really are doing a good thing! (Also, if you know of any other amazing small businesses online or Etsy shops you’d like me to consider including through the holiday season, I’d love that. Just drop me a line at the e-mail address above.)


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