Today is Day 4 in our week long celebration and we have with us Haley from The Distracted Blogger. If you’ve read any of the comments on my posts, you’ll recognize this familiar face. I was so excited when Haley offered to guest post. I love her new blog and I just knew I had to ask her to write about thrifting. I was in awe when I saw all the awesome things she gets from local thrift shops! This girl knows her vintage style on a budget. She’s bringing her best tips for thrift today! Enjoy! Thanks Haley!


My first guest post! How exciting, especially for someone who has been a big supporter of me from the beginning! Christina actually encouraged me to start a blog, so here I am The Distracted Blogger, also know as Haley. I blog about my many interests, I swear I have to many, like my love of crafts, home organization, dance, fashion, and some geeky flavor thrown in there somewhere as well. Today I want to share a few tips on making the most of trips to your local thrift stores.

(Scrappy’s Note: Seriously? That vase? I died.)

 My first tip is to know your local thrift and consignment stores. The more popular thrift stores like Goodwill will have a very steady flow of items coming in, but they get pick over faster. Also, thrift stores and consignment shops in well to do area may have more designer items, but the prices can be much higher. You will probably spend less time, but more money. If you want to spend less money you will need to spend more time looking through every piece of clothing on the racks or moving things around on shelves to find the “lighting bolts”. It is like a treasure hunt each and every time! This brings me to my next tip:

When thrifting, yes it is now a verb, treat each trip like an adventure otherwise you may get burned out by looking piece by piece on the second rack. Friends help keep the energy up, so it’s not a bad idea to bring one along. Also, thrift stores = variety, so try on styles/colors you might normally pass up. Either you will get a laugh out of it or you might fall in love with the dress that is much more flattering on or the style you never thought you could pull off. So look for bold/signature pieces (clothes or decor). If you change your mind you only are down a few dollars so what’s the harm? And ALWAYS TRY IT ON before you buy. Redonating something you just picked up is a sad thing.

I normally wear the yellow swimsuit under a skirt and jacket as seen in my profile picture on my blog.

Before setting foot in the thrift stores have a thrifting budget in mind. Many small purchases can add up and surprise your pocket book if you are not careful.

If you are looking for something in particular bring measurements or paint samples since you cannot get your money back.

When shopping look at items at different angles, check weight, but also remember these items bring personality into your home not perfection. Also check for broken zippers, snags, stains, ect. You can sometimes get even more discounts by mentioning the tiny rust spots on the stainless stain bowl, or zipper that stops half-way up.

Last tip: Eat something beforehand. You will need the energy and Happy thrifting!


Did you take notes? I know I did. Check back in later today for my Halloween decor (yep, just going up today…I’m slackin’) AND tomorrow for an exciting GIVEAWAY!



  1. I’ve thrifted just a handful of times and always with friends. Makes it really fun! I need to go again. It’s been too long!

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