Hello Ladies! (And gents if you’re out there!) From time to time I post a question on my Facebook page seeking help with a household problem and you’re always ready with great advice! So I thought it might be fun to highlight your tips and tricks that have come in handy for me and helped make me a more productive housewife. I’m calling it “Readers To The Rescue” and today marks the first installment. 🙂

A couple of months ago I asked you all if you had any tips to make the chore of cleaning the shower easier. It’s a chore I hate. The shower at our house is small and old and a pain to clean – unlike that gorgeous shower in the picture above – that’s my good friend Jane’s shower.

Anywho, you guys really came through with some awesome time and mess saving tips. Check ’em out.

  • Clean the shower before you shower/Get naked – This tip was the most popular. A few of you said you either get naked and clean it that way so you won’t get your clothes messy or you clean the shower just before you take your shower for the day. I’ve tried this tip now and I can report that it does make things much easier. I’m not concerned with getting soaked in our tiny shower and I can splash and make as much of a “mess” getting things clean as I want. While I still deep clean the shower a couple of times a month (true story), I’ve gotten back in the habit of cleaning it before I shower. I use this homemade shower cleaner in a scrub wand, several times a week. The vinegar cuts through soap scum and the Dawn does a great job of getting things clean.
  • Keep a watering can in the bathroom for easy rinsing – This brilliant tip from Toni is one I plan on implementing just as soon as I can find an inexpensive watering can – they tend to be stupidly expensive. Without a removable shower head/wand I struggle to rinse down the walls enough. This will be perfect!
  • Get your husband to do it – OK, I had to laugh at this one from reader April. I’m too much of a control freak for this to happen, but I’m happy to report he pitches in with the scrub wand I keep in the shower these days. Super easy, and it cuts down on the amount of elbow grease required when I deep clean. 
There you have it! Y’all rock. Because of your tips I’ve been able to clean the shower with less stress. Keep those tips coming. If you have another shower cleaning tip, leave me a comment! You never know when you might end up as a Reader to the Rescue!

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