removing oils from pillow cases

I’m a self-confessed hairspray-aholic. No lie. I totally blame my mother, who I can vividly remember standing in the bathroom with her cigarette in one hand and a can of Aquanet in the other. She was completely encasing her brown football helmet of hair in a cloud of hairspray. I guess it stuck. (No pun intended.)

How she didn’t manage to blow up our house is a mystery to me even to this day.

Thankfully, I only picked up the hairspray and not the cigarettes.

Anyway, for all my love of hair product, I’m also kinda lazy and don’t always feel like washing my hair before I go to bed, which means I end up getting a yucky build up on my pillow cases. I do wash them regularly, but the oil and product doesn’t always come all the way out even with the expensive HE detergent and oxygen cleaners.
So, of course I turned to Pinterest and came across this post. It seemed simple enough, but I didn’t want to add dish liquid directly into my very expensive high efficiency washer. So I decided to take her idea and adapt it to my needs.
Here’s what you’ll need:
A large wash basin or sink (I used a giant, clean snack mix jar – yes, really)
Dawn dish soap – original blue
Distilled white vinegar
Here’s what I did:
I filled the bottom of the jar with Dawn. (I didn’t even bother measuring. If I had to guess I’d say a quarter cup.)
Then filled the jar about a fourth of the way with white vinegar (Several cups)
I topped the rest with water that was as hot as my tap would make it and gave the mixture a good shake/stir with the lid on.
I submerged both of our pillow cases in the jar and screwed down the lid (just because I’m clumsy and didn’t want to knock it off the sink and have water go everywhere)
Then I let it soak overnight.
In the morning, I emptied the jar of the water, and threw the pillow cases in the washer and washed normally. The only change I made was an extra rinse and spin.
I’m happy to report they came out feeling soft, smelling fresh and 100% free of oil and hair product! And this was after several previous regular washes with no luck at removing it! This really works.

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