So, as I’ve mentioned before Adam and I are blessed to each have our own office space in the new house. Both rooms are on the front of the house and receive a ton of natural light during the day. Most of the time that’s a good thing, but at certain times of day it can make reading computer monitors difficult at best. Also? With natural light comes natural heat. It gets warm in there. Because of this, Adam has been mentioning that we need to invest in some blinds or curtains so he can be in his office more often on the weekends. I agree with him, but I have a special plan and I’ve been slow to execute it. (I really need to get on that…)

Anyway, this is what I came upon this weekend when I walked upstairs to see what he was up to:

Take another look. 

That’s one of his hoodies slung over the curtain hardware left behind by the former owner. 
I guess he got tired of waiting. 😉
PS – It’s still there! 


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