Hey y’all. I’ve been busy getting ready to leave for FL very early tomorrow morning, but I wanted to get one good post in before I left. I’ve got a couple more ready for this weekend so you’ll still see me around, and I’m hoping to take some awesome pictures to share while on vacation. 🙂
So a few weeks ago I wrote about my first sewing class at Joann Fabrics and Crafts. I can’t tell you how stinkin’ excited I am to be learning how to sew. Oh sure, before the classes I could do a little here and there, mainly a straight line, but now I really feel like I can do something. Scrappy Mom would be so proud if she could see me today. 🙂 
In the first class, we learned how to make pillow cases and I made this one: 
It will be going with me to Florida. 🙂
In Sewing 102, the pillow theme was continued and we made throw pillows using a pattern. Since my office/craft space is black, white and hot pink, I chose a bold black and white print fabric and a bright pink accent fabric. Here’s how it turned out:
We learned how to mark fabric, how to use a simple pattern (it was basically just a 14 inch square, but the pillow does have a flange so we had to be able to mark where to start and stop sewing and leave a hole to insert the pillow forms), and how to sew in a pillow form. 
I gotta tell ya, in full honesty my pillow wasn’t the best in the class or even remotely perfect, but unless you get really close up and I show you where the seam went all squiggly when I was sewing in the pillow form or sewing each half of the pillow closed, you wouldn’t notice. I am so darn in love with this little thing. It sits in my new Ikea desk chair.
A few months ago I found some fabric that I wanted to make into pillows for our couch, but it wasn’t until I took Sewing 102 that I really felt I had the courage to make them so last weekend I went and bought the pillow forms. Last night, in the midst of all the packing and planning I had a whim and had to have the new pillows on our couch. I don’t know why. I just had to make them right then and there. So I did. Here’s the before picture of our living room: 
(See the ugly geometric patterned pillows there? I absolutely loved them when I bought the couch and if you look closely you can see that I loved it so much, I bought the matching chair. Ah the days before I knew matchy, matchy was bad. Within the last few months I’ve started to hate that pattern. I want to recover the chair too. Anyone know of a place a girl can get a slipcover for a slipper chair?) 
Also, can you tell I’m totally a mid-century modern girl at heart? The coffee table as well as the end tables you can’t see are original mid-mod Mersman coffee tables. I got them for FREE from a family member who had inherited them and didn’t want them. They need some serious love, and will definitely get it as soon as we can.
Anyway, back to the Pillowpalooza. I decided to make some new 18 inch throw pillows to replace them. Basically all I did was cut out an 18 and a half inch square, sew it up, leaving a hole to shove in an 18 inch pillow form and voila! Here’s a close up of the fabric, I just love the pattern:
I used a solid blue (the same fabric I used here) on the back to give it a little kick.
And here’s the finished product:
(Please ignore my socks on the floor and Scrappy Dog’s bone…only the best for y’all I swear!)
I know it’s not a huge change or anything, but it has given our living room a definite pick me up and it just seems fresher now. 
I think I may be addicted to sewing now. I can’t wait to get started on more!
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  1. Christina, congrats on all the awesome sewing achievements! I totally understand the sudden “need” to sew something and get it done. 🙂
    Love the black and pink combos, and most definitely dig that mid-mod coffee table!!

  2. hiya love your cushion it turned out great , isnt sewing so addictive and satisfying too , i am visitng from handy man crafty woman and i am your newest follower too hope you can visit me too

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